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Video Tutorial: The Who, What, Where, and Why of Great Content

By Kristi Hagen on Feb 18, 2013 - 10:36 AM

Google has begun releasing short 2-3min video tutorials on some of the most basic of questions related to search and your Web site. We have decided to feature these quick tutorials to be sure that ALL of your questions are answered!

Today’s question relates to the basic tenet of attracting Search Engines to your site: Content! By creating relevant, customer-oriented, and fresh content – you will create a quality website and a niche for yourself. This video also touches on the importance of ‘pruning’ your content for ease of navigation. This is an important step in creating a Search Engine friendly and customer friendly site. Take a minute, literally one minute and 23 seconds, to view this short tutorial today.

If you're looking for some more solid direction when it comes to creating the right kind of content for your site to avoid penalties, increase traffic and get people talking all while using a solid content calendar then see the featured content below:

- Kristi Hagen, President & Chief Editor, Planet Ocean