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The 2019 Local Search Fundamentals Bootcamp

Local Search This is the Basic Local Search Training that will help you truly understand how local search works, and especially, how it layers on top of organic SEO.

This is important because, when things change (as they always do), you won't be left scratching your head trying to figure out what to do.

If presented as a recipe, the Basic Local Search Course is...

one part Google My Business
two parts Customer Reviews
three parts Onsite Optimization
a generous cup of Local Link Building
and a splash of industry & location customization

Course Details...

Four recorded video sessions: 4hr 56min Total Run Time

  • Session One: 1hr 15min
  • Session Two: 1hr 23min
  • Session Three: 1hr 24min
  • Session Four: 54min

Plus! Complete MP3s Collection of the Sessions, Presentation Slides as well as PDFs of all the Q&A and Links shared.

Topics covered...

Where to direct your #1 PRIMARY efforts for local search marketing. If you don't do this, nothing else will work like it's supposed to.

How to differentiate between the various types of local search results and why it's important to know what you're seeing.

How to see your local search marketing the same way that Google sees it. This'll give you a leg up over your competitors because you're playing specifically into how Google 'thinks'.

The 3 factors that form THE trifecta of strategy. The KEY to getting great local search listings depends on identifying, coordinating and implementing these three elements!

How local search has evolved to date, and why that's so important for understanding local search optimization strategies going forward.

How to use On-Page Optimization to localize your content for the best possible ranking for searches near you.

How to optimize your brand by cleverly using GMB (Google My Business).

The best way to use Reviews to bolster your online reputation and skyrocket customer engagement.

How Google sees your reviews and how to determine their weighted importance.

Why and how to use Google My Business' searcher engagement features to gain more leads from the search results.

Why you should be bidding on your own brand name in Google Ads.

Why your Google My Business photos are SO important and you'll learn how to maximize their effect.

You'll also see a step-by-step demo of how to "score" your own local brand's presence at Google. We'll show you how much emphasis Google puts on reviews AND you'll be able to measure yours to see how you stack up.

Support Resources:

You'll learn exactly where you should be looking for Local Search answers whenever you're thrown a curve. That way, you're smiling while your competition is left dazed and confused.

When you DO have problems, you'll know how to properly communicate with Google in ways that are most likely to get you THE answers you need to find a solution.

And, you'll walk away smiling because you know where to go for the BEST tools and RIGHT answers. This is how you stay continuously up-to-date on Local Search strategies and guidelines with the least amount of effort.

About Your Trainer

Mary Bowling Mary Bowling is a well known, successful SEO Consultant and Local Search Expert who has worked in the trenches doing Local SEO since 2003. Besides being SEN's Local Search Specialist, she has been training others in Local Search since 2007, is a founding member of LocalU and frequently speaks on the topic of Local Search at industry conferences, such as PubCon, SMX Advanced, LocalUp, and LocalU Advanced and has recently been invited to speak at MozCon.

Stated simply, Mary is the expert's expert. Within her no nonsense, content-rich approach, you will learn the very same advanced techniques that she herself uses to get her own Local Search clients strategically well positioned.

As SEN MasterMind Member, Ron Connelly, says...

Mary’s presentations simply knock my socks off every time! She has such a calm, very detailed, and complete approach. I always get some seriously important foundational bits of info that really help to fill in gaps.
Host - Keith Saye Keith Saye is your host. As an expert SEO, Keith keeps the session running smoothly and prompts for clarifications while injecting perspective that facilitates the presentation in ways that ensure you're maximizing the strategic value of the content.

Certificate of Completion

Local Search 2018 Certificate of Completion Complete the course, pass the test and you'll receive our Official Certification and Personalized Website Badge.

The Badge links directly to your own personalized certification page on That's where we confirm to your clients you have been expertly trained specifically in the field of Local Search for 2019.

The Tuition – $397

...which is probably MUCH less than what you'll charge your first new client!


If you don't feel the training was worth it, tell us within 24 hours after finishing and we'll refund your full tuition. Simple and easy! hassle, there's never any risk.

BONUS : 60 days Free Membership in the SEN MasterMind @ the Business Support Level with FastAnswerstm ($194 value)

Long term, this may be the most important part of the entire deal. It means that you'll have free and unfettered access to...

1 lsm_download_2013.png The Local Search Survival Guide. This complete eBook is your step-by-step small business guide to help you build the foundation you need to implement successful and profitable Local Search Optimization! Use this 106 page book ($97 value) to brush up on the basic beginner's knowledge you'll need to take FULL Advantage of this video course.

2 The SEN MasterMind. This is our braintrust of professional SEOs. Most have been certified in a variety of SEO specialties. Collectively, we can answer almost any question, which guarantees to keep you on the cutting edge of new developments as they happen! It's an amazing group of collective experience and major expertise.

SEN MasterMind

As SEN MasterMind Member, Corrado Mizzi says...

It's really important for people that work on their own to engage in a group whereby they can keep up with the industry and interact with people that are willing to help and provide suggestions, but more importantly, provide sanity to this industry ... thank you for having such a necessary and wonderful service.

MasterMind Member, Justin Touyz, adds...

It's an amazing group of people and IMO the most valuable feature of the membership program.

3 sitebulb_logo_course.jpgUnlimited Access to Pro Level Website Auditing Tools! As a SEN Business Member you're armed with one of the best website auditing tool-suites in the industry powered by Sitebulb ($34/month value). We suspect that, after using these tools and seeing how they save you time and make you money, you'll wonder how you ever got by without them!

When SEN Member, Donna Rougeau, first saw Sitebulb in action she said...

I'm in love! This is my geek dream of 2019 so far!

4 Unlimited Emails into our FastAnswers Expert Support. Ask any question by email and get back an expert answer within one business day! Yes, this expert one-on-one support is included with your membership and it's completely unique to SEN. Never be without the answer again! With FastAnswers and the SEN MasterMind, we'll constantly keep you looking like an SEO Genius!

Think about it...

Individually we're smart, but together we are all brilliant!

The separation is in the preparation...

Rising above your competition means investing in your success. The sooner you begin, the sooner you'll have it all working for you! Complete the form below and get started today...