Making Money With Squidoo (Part Four)
 by Ian Cook

Part Four
Making Money With Squidoo — by Moshe Morris & Stephen Mahaney

As fun as Squidoo may be, at the end of the day you are interested in profits—not cleverly named sea creatures. Therefore, you're probably wondering how Squidoo can help your bottom line. As you shall see, Squidoo can help you in the same way that most websites can help you financially, as well as in a few ways which are uniquely Squidoo.

The Power of Links

The simplest and most "normal" way to make money with Squidoo is through the power of links. Remember, Squidoo Lenses in general rank high in the search engines. So, by adding a link from your high ranking Squidoo Lens your main site will have a better chance of getting a profitable spot in the search engines as well. That being said, your first order of business is to make sure that your Squidoo lenses link out to the money pages on your main site.

But you don't want to send just any old link over to your site. You need to be smart and take full advantage of that link as far as the search engines are concerned and in terms of direct traffic from Squidoo. The best way to accomplish both of these goals at once is to try and pre-sell your potential customers while they're still on your Squidoo Lens page.

Now a pre-sell can be anything from a review of a product or service to an explanation of the features and benefits of that product or service. The key ingredient of a pre-sell page is that it puts your (potential) customers into a buying mode when they make the jump to your main website.

At the same time, placing your link within a pre-sell will help your money pages rank better because search engines love links within keyword rich, relevant text (particularly if the anchor text of that link is a targeted keyword). And guess what, that's exactly the type of links that you create when you link to your main site's money pages through your pre-sell content.

Different types of money pages — Now, when we say money pages don't think t...

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