About Planet Ocean

Planet Ocean Communications, INC.'s primary focus is to simplify the complexity of doing business online. We specialize in revealing and simplifying search engine strategies and gear our services toward online marketing professionals to give them a competitive edge. Since 1997 we have revealed every strategic detail for ranking at the top of the major search engines.

Our readership is 100% subscriber based and, as far as we can tell, our flagship publication, SearchEngineNews.com, is the longest running subscription-based publication on the Internet.

Our Award Winning SEO Book, The UnFair Advantage Book on Winning The Search Engine Wars, is the most comprehensive and up-to-date search engine book in the world! And it continues to be updated every month since its original publication in February 1997.

We take pride in on our ability to explain the details of complex topics in terms that are easy for the non-technical person to understand while, at the same time, holding the keen interest of professionals who are technologically skilled and proficient under the big tent of online marketing through search engines.

Our expertise stems from our assembled team of researchers and writers who are geographically arranged all over North America, the European Union, UK, and even Hawaii. Combined, we easily bring more than 50 years of search engine optimization and online marketing expertise to the table. Some of us have been here since the beginning of the commercial Internet; circa 1995.

As a member of the knowledge-based community, we produce, promote and sell search engine marketing products and services.

Our guarantee is one of the most respected unconditional guarantees in any industry. And it applies to every product and service we offer.

Our customer service is second to none! We invite you to see for yourself how committed we are to your success — from the most basic Q&A, to an advertising solution, your search engine marketing educational needs, all the way to full search engine optimization and support.

The Planet Ocean team truly enjoys serving you with enthusiasm. Our goal is to make your day better and your business profitable! ...in exchange for the trust you give us when you get involved with our services.

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Stephen Mahaney - CEO
Planet Ocean Communications, Inc.