Complete Technical Website Audit (starting at $3000)

SEO Website Audit Testimonial for Top Consultant & SEN's International Marketing Director Keith Saye

This is a complete Technical Professional Website Audit that will allow you to get a definitive 'To-Do' list of how to increase your site's authority, rankings and conversions.

Or you want to just get a regular checkup to be sure your existing SEO is on the right track, not going against Google's recommendations and actually doing something with the money you pay them!

Have one of our SEO experts with anywhere from 17-23 years of experience analyze your website to take all the guess work out of your online marketing strategy.

Each website is as individual in its needs and issues each of us is. This requires our team to dive into each website to see what specific issues are holding a site back.

The tools and process we use completely depends on the issues we find. Each site takes a minimum of 8hrs of human research to accomplish.

"Keith recently conducted an audit for He did a great job analysing our site and sent through a number of emails with various insights on how elements could be improved. It's easy to miss things that can have a big impact to your SEO and so using an experienced optimiser like Keith was very helpful.

Our website has been through a number of redesigns and he suggested ways in which we could increase traffic as part of those updates. He also suggested a number of ways we could capitalise on our current content and traffic, and small changes that should lead to nice increase in traffic.

Before upgrading your website, I would suggest using someone like Keith to analyse your site, so you don't lose out on changes that could have a massive impact on both traffic and revenue."

Andy Mindel - Founder/Owner

Here are some of the areas we research as well as the deliverables you can expect:

  • On-Site Analysis: Are your pages optimized for the Search Engines? How is Google interpreting your pages and is there a damaging disconnect between your conversion goals and the traffic being sent to your website.
  • Mobile Users Experience: Are your pages laid out and optimized for your mobile users? Is all your content available to them? Can they easily navigation your website to use it to its fullest extent or are there issues that are stopping valuable conversions?
  • Full Site Crawl & Visual Sitemap: Are all of your pages easily found by Google’s spider and being indexed in their search engine? Or are there critical – yet common – technical issues with your Site Structure and navigation? A detailed site crawl that covers technical, canonical, server, and on-page indexing issues is done. You’ll also be given a visual crawl map designed to show you exactly how your site’s structure is laid out to easily identify any issues that would otherwise be impossible to see. That includes abandoned pages and broken URL branches that are stopping Google from discovering that some of your page even exists.
  • Keyword Analysis: Analyze the keywords that Google is currently ranking your website for as well as what searches users are using to find your pages. What are your top ranking pages and the queries that Google is pushing traffic to your site based on? Are they in the right context for conversions?
  • Content Check: Google is very critical of the overall quality of a website and the content you have plays a very big part in that. The more they release Core Quality Algorithm updates the truer that statement becomes.

    Our Experts review and identify duplicated, plagiarized, cross-domain and low-quality content issues. We’ll show you which of your pages are performing the best and which are dragging your entire site’s quality score down in the eyes of Google.

  • Site Speed & Waterfall Reporting: As a top-ranking factor with Google this is an area we always focus on. Unfortunately, more times than not we find critical site speed issues that are not only affecting your search engine rankings but killing your conversions.

    Your site is put through a variety of tools to be graded on both desktop and mobile speed. You will also get a comprehensive Waterfall report showing you exactly what resources are slowing your site down and why.

  • Detailed Technical Audit Reporting: You’ll get a full detailed report of all of our findings. Explaining step by step what the issues are – including helpful images, screenshots, additional spread sheets of trouble URLs, broken links, oversized images and more.
  • Live Telephone Consultation with Your SEO Technical Expert: You’re your consultant on the phone so he can walk through each point on the detailed report you’ll be given 24hrs prior to the consultation. This gives you the priceless one on one coaching essential to your success.
  • Detailed Strategy Recommendations: Discuss the methodologies we would use (all white-hat) to position your site at the top of Google for your specific search phrases based on your Technical Website Audit Report.
  • All Your Questions Addressed: We will answer, in detail, any and all SEO questions relating to your site and what is required for it to rank well online.
  • MP3 Recording: The amount of information we provide is bound to overwhelm even the most experienced professionals. That’s why we always provide both an audio recording so you can continue to review the strategies and tips during your consultation.
  • User Experience Audit & Live Screencast Videos: $250
    See exactly how brand-new users experience your website and navigate it. Pick up to 3 tasks you’d like to have users accomplish on your website and then see screen cast video of their experience. This can shine a light on things you’re otherwise blind to.

    We’ve discovered critical site issues blocking the conversion as well as users sharing real feelings about site design, images, logos, etc. This process allows you to crowd test your site and remove the guess work.

  • Professional Training Session + Video Recording: $200
    Why not turn your consultation telephone call into a one on one live training session? Join your consultant on our online training platform for a more interactive experience include screen sharing demonstrations of exactly where on your site we’re seeing these issues. This includes a video recording of your session for you to share with the entire team.

All of the above will be done and the findings delivered to you within a detailed report prior to the 90-minute telephone consultation.

Then you will get:

  • Full 90-minute telephone consultation.
  • Complete detailed Technical Audit Reporting.
  • Audio recording of the call. Plus, the option to opt-in for a Video recording if you decide to go with the online training session add on mentioned above.
  • On-going SEO Support for two weeks via email following the consultation via SEN’s FastAnswer Support system.

You get all this starting at $3000 and of course it's backed by our Satisfaction Promise – if you aren't happy, you don't pay. It's that simple.

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