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CEO & Founder of Planet Ocean
On The Road

Stephen Mahaney founded Planet Ocean in 1990, published 'The UnFair Advantage Book on Winning The Search Engine Wars' in 1996 (the Web's *original* $97 eBook) and established longest running membership-based publication site on the Internet--in 1997.

These days he's traveling and living in virtual space.

SEO with Tenure
Midwest Man

John Heard has been with Planet Ocean and since 1997 and he's got the resume to prove it.  He and Stephen Mahaney started sharing notes about what they were seeing online and from then on the collaboration never ended.  When John's not fielding SEO FastAnswer questions, researching the latest search engine update or helping our customers succeed with his hands on approach to his consultations -  he's standing on the sidelines of his local race track watching his latest car make history at breakneck speed.

Hertfordshire, UK

Managing Director of Big Blast Design, Keith is proud to have been 'producing results from thin air and hard work' for over two decades; making websites since 1999 and performing SEO for SME clients. He specializes in producing leads, website auditing and SEO, and supplying his own bespoke CMS system; designed from the floor up in 2003 as an 'SEO first' product.

As a family man, with his wife and five children (yes, five) his success in SEO allowed him to step back and spend more time with his young family. Keith oversees a constant stream of new developments for his CMS to keep it up to date in the face of the rapidly changing world of SEO.

South Ayrshire, UK

Ken McGaffin is an expert in quality link building and Digital PR. He has held senior marketing roles in the SEO industry including as Head of Marketing, and as Director of PR Services. He has also taught Digital PR for SEN as well as run popular workshops at SMX in the UK, US and Europe. His courses are loaded with creative, actionable tactics, delivered in an enthusiastic and engaging way.

Kona, HI

Caitlin is Operations Manager of Planet Ocean and Assistant Editor of SEN. Her passions include coding, webpage design, sales, and logistics. She keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes

Fairfax, CA

Craig Pence spent 5 years consulting for US Sports Camps (the world’s largest sport camp provider) on everything from email marketing and customer retention to SEO and PPC. Today he specializes in using email marketing to increase customer retention and lifetime net value because that’s where to find the low hanging fruit.

When he needs a break from optimizing email programs, odds are he’s out surfing some remote Northern CA beach, sitting around a campfire with his wife, or ‘hooking into a fatty’ (fly fishing) on a river with no cell reception.

Internationally Recognized AdWords Expert
Bertinoro (FC), Italy

Gianpaolo started working on SEO and AdWords in 2003 and in 2012 created ADworld Experience, now the largest PPC-cases-only event in the world. He presently contributes to several PPC industry specialized blogs and speaks regularly in international web marketing events, while actively working as AdWords & Conversion Rate Optimizer freelance.

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