SEN Writers

CEO & Founder of Planet Ocean
Washington State / Hawaii

Stephen Mahaney founded Planet Ocean in 1990, published 'The UnFair Advantage Book on Winning The Search Engine Wars' in 1996 (the Web's *original* $97 eBook) and established longest running membership-based publication site on the Internet--in 1997.

Today he splits his time between Kona, Hawaii and the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

SEO with Tenure
Midwest Man

John Heard has been with Planet Ocean and since 1997 and he's got the resume to prove it.  He and Stephen Mahaney started sharing notes about what they were seeing online and from then on the collaboration never ended.  When John's not fielding SEO FastAnswer questions, researching the latest search engine update or helping our customers succeed with his hands on approach to his consultations -  he's standing on the sidelines of his local race track watching his latest car make history at breakneck speed.

President & Chief Editor

Kristi has been behind the scenes at Planet Ocean since 2003.  When she's not writing, editing, marketing, putting out fires and working reconnaissance missions in the Customer Service department she can be found helping our members through their current Professional SEO Training Course.  She has a long history of Office Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and wearing any hat that's thrown her way.

You can connect up with her within the MasterMind Skype group, sending a question into our FastAnswer, or by shooting us a note within Customer Service. Kristi is dedicated to helping members succeed with their Internet Marketing and she always does it with a smile.

The SEO with a Plan

Our lead SEO Consultant, Casey has been with Planet Ocean since 2004 and a San Diego SEO expert practitioner since 1998. When Casey isn't unwinding Google penalties or contributing content to here within SEN he spends time supporting members like you with one-on-one consultations and complete site reviews. Casey's expertise allows him to lend his real world experience to show you what to do when your rankings fall off the proverbial Google cliff.

You can connect with Casey to ask him a question directly within our FastAnswer Service.

Technical Editor
Hawaii and California

A veteran of the Search Engine Wars, Joshua has been developing a technical set of skills to assist both SEN and it's clients in many aspects since 2003. From coding applications or designing websites to customer service/support and article writing/editing - Joshua is the 'go to guy'.

Marketing Veteran
Kansas City

Shelly Kramer is a 20+ year marketing veteran, she's a strategist, brand storyteller, digital marketing pro, content marketing expert, speaker and corporate trainer. Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Social Media Influencers, she's half marketer, half geek, with a propensity for numbers, producing results and a dash of quick repartee.

Her client experience is diverse and includes working with startups and nonprofits, as well as with Fortune 500 companies and agencies of all sizes, budgets teeny to gigantic, in both B2B and B2C markets.

Blogger with Style

Erika is Planet Ocean's Blogging and Branding expert and contributes regularly to our Professional Training Courses as well as the monthly issue of

Erika's own blog is known for delivering unpopular thoughts and blunt advice written in words your grandmother might not approve of around the holiday dinner table. Yet, it's her brand that's built her a hugely loyal audience, which in turn has led to her monthly column in Entrepreneur Magazine as well as her first two book deals!

Be warned...she minces no words and will always shoot it to you straight so you never have to worry about disagreeing with her. She's one of our favorites and it's no wonder our members love her because she's always quick to say that we'll figure this whole "business" thing out together!

Digital Developer

Warren Whitlock is a digital business development strategist. In 2008, he wrote the first book about Twitter and Mobile Marketing, and the best selling “Profitable Social Media: Business Results Without Playing Games.” He is the host of Social Media Radio and speaks frequently about social media marketing, online publicity and marketing, social networking and building lifetime value for rapid growth. He was also named one of Forbes’ Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers

Contributing Writer
Kansas City, MO

Travis Wright is Planet Ocean's Social Media & Lead Sales Expert. He contributes regularly to our Professional Training Courses teaching attendees the importance of integrating social media into your marketing campaign, how to get started in the social media arena as well as all the must know aspects of generating leads, closing sales, lining up consulting gigs & more!

Travis currently has well over 124,000 followers on Twitter and was solicited by LG Mobile to blog on their behalf. These facts plus more, make it safe to say he's got a few tricks up his sleeve that he's ready to share!

When asked - "Who is Travis Wright?" He quickly replies with...

* Social Media Crowdsourcerer
* Local Search Strategist
* Marketing Innovator
* Business Blogger
* Strategic Thinker
* Internet Ninja
* Mobile Guru
* Speaker
* Trainer
* Dad

Internationally Recognized AdWords Expert
Bertinoro (FC), Italy

Gianpaolo started working on SEO and AdWords in 2003 and in 2012 created ADworld Experience, now the largest PPC-cases-only event in the world. He presently contributes to several PPC industry specialized blogs and speaks regularly in international web marketing events, while actively working as AdWords & Conversion Rate Optimizer freelance.

Marketing Operations Director

Michelle is an industry recognized authority on digital marketing, particularly the convergence of content, search, and social media. She brings an extensive knowledge of digital/new media marketing techniques and years of experience working with both B2B and B2C clients in marketing, content, and strategy roles. As the Marketing Operations Director at Apogee Results.

Michelle is also currently a co-host of the Search Talk Live podcast and was the co-host of #SocialChat for 6 years. She is a contributing writer for Search Engine Journal, The SEMPost, and Search Engine Watch. Her passion for marketing makes her a favorite conference speaker at events like Digital Summit, Search Marketing Expo, Pubcon, and the Zenith Digital Marketing Conference.

Local Search Guru

Planet Ocean's Local Search Expert, Mary Bowling, first learned SEO from The Unfair Advantage e-book in 2003 and has immersed herself in all phases of Search Marketing for all types and sizes of businesses. Using her background in entrepreneurship, Mary developed specialized expertise in marketing brick and mortar businesses online. She is recognized throughout the industry as an expert in Local Search and speaks frequently on the topic at industry conferences, such as Search Marketing Expo and Online Marketing Summit.

Mary has been teaching others the ins and outs of Local Search since 2006 and spends a lot of her time breaking down local search for our members writing articles, blog posts and even presenting in our Local Search Professional Training Course Series.

Andrew is a Content Marketing Specialist at Page One Power, an SEO agency in Boise, ID. He is also a contributing author to Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, and numerous other SEO publications across the web. When Andrew's not discussing SEO and link building, he enjoys following his favorite sports teams (an eclectic mix of the New York Yankees, Detroit Lions, and Sacramento Kings) and being a proud father.

Wes is an expert in the human side of the web. From user experience, information architecture and visual / interaction design, to technical development and project management, he has been involved in all aspects of web development for the past fifteen years, all with a focus on building online experiences targeted towards the human end user.

As a partner in Inspire Studios Inc., an online branding, marketing and development firm based in Calgary, Canada, Wes gets plenty of hands on experience working with clients.

Serial Entrepreneur
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Brendon Turner is the President of Web Development Company Inc. and a serial entrepreneur. Since 1998 Brendon has directed the search engine optimization campaigns of hundreds of websites and customers to a successful outcome. Brendon's passion for search engine marketing is evidenced by his ability to build long term and profitable businesses online while increasing revenues for those businesses month over month.

Marketing & Brand Strategist
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Marshall has been an Internet brand consultant for over a decade. Some of his past clients have included; Homex, Grupo Questro, Petro Canada, Shaw Communications, TransAlta Utilities, Radiant and the Haskayne School of Business, Foremost Brahma, and Emit Technologies. Marshall has also sat on the board and instructed at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and helped build and sell a variety of bricks & mortar businesses. Today, he is a co-founder of Inspire Studios.

Michelle has been planning, launching and growing world-changing ideas with incredible individuals and organizations over the last twelve years. She supports Liquid Spark clients and team by overseeing all aspects of digital strategy and client experience funnels in a way that drives customer conversions, facilitates efficient daily operations, and helps business owners see the results they hope for. When she isn’t behind the desk, you can find her diving, sailing, and kayaking from her island home in the Florida Keys.

Hertfordshire, UK

Managing Director of 'Big Blast Design', Keith is proud to have been 'producing results from thin air and hard work' for over two decades; making websites since 1999 and performing SEO for SME clients. He specializes in producing leads, website auditing and SEO, and supplying his own bespoke CMS system; designed from the floor up in 2003 as an 'SEO first' product.

As a family man, with his wife and five children (yes, five) his success in SEO allowed him to step back and spend more time with his young family. Keith oversees a constant stream of new developments for his CMS to keep it up to date in the face of the rapidly changing world of SEO.