PPC Audit & Consultation ($1200)

This is a complete Professional AdWords Audit that will allow you to get a definitive 'To-Do' list of how to increase your account’s profitability. Or you want to just get a regular checkup to be sure your existing campaigns are on the right track and retrieving the highest possible ROI!

Have one of our PPC experts with over 15 years of experience analyze your account and specific market niche to take all the guess work out of your online marketing strategy.

The Professional Consultation Package covers all of the following:

  • General overview of the account, or at least of the top spending campaigns (if your account is using hundreds of them).
  • Efficiency: Quality Scores Optimization (with specific suggestions on how to correctly set up campaigns & groups structure, selecting the right positive & negative keywords for the Search Network or the most effective targeting options for Google Display Network, creating the right ads and using all available extensions).
  • Effectiveness: Campaigns’ Conversion Rates Optimization (with a check of the tracked goals import and a detailed overview of the underperforming campaigns).
  • Coverage: Budget Allocation Optimization (with in-depth indications on the best bidding options for each campaign, ideal CPC and daily spend caps to maximize conversions on a given global budget).
  • Detailed Strategy Recommendations: Discuss the methodologies we would use to implement new campaigns and maximize the account profitability.
  • All Your Questions Addressed: We will Answer, in detail, any and all PPC questions relating to your account and what is required for it to be fully profitable.
  • All of the above will be done and the findings delivered to you within a detailed report.

Then you will get:

Skype chat troubleshooting for up to 90 minutes in the 3 months following the consultation to deepen the effects of the optimizations done or any eventual problem aroused in their implementation.

You get all this for just $1200 and of course it's backed by our Satisfaction Promise – if you aren't happy, you don't pay. It's that simple.

Must have settings:

To enjoy full advantages of this consultation you have to track conversions on your target sites. Please be aware that in lack of this requirement the added value of this service will be greatly reduced.

You get all this for just $1,200 and of course it's backed by our Satisfaction Promise – if you aren't happy, you don't pay. It's that simple.

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Client comments...

The consult was great. He really researched our site, came back with a plethora of recommendations ...we're light years behind in our web marketing strategy, and have a lot of work to do but he provided us with a map for that, and suggestions for resources. Please charge our card -- it was money well spent.

...insights were well documented with real life examples and examples from my website and PPC campaign ... follow-up email was in itself a valuable resource. It is obvious he spent a great deal of his time on our project.

Thank you, again, for this privilege to have my online business practices evaluated. I thought Planet Ocean was just for IT or SEO folks. Boy was I mistaken. I come into contact with many self employed folks in my occupation through the various trade associations I participate with. I KNOW of several who are in far more need for your organization’s services than me (and that is no exaggeration). I’ll see what I can do to drive business your way.