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John Heard has been with Planet Ocean and since 1997 and he's got the resume to prove it.  He and Stephen Mahaney started sharing notes about what they were seeing online and from then on the collaboration never ended.  When John's not fielding SEO FastAnswer questions, researching the latest search engine update or helping our customers succeed with his hands on approach to his consultations -  he's standing on the sidelines of his local race track watching his latest car make history at breakneck speed.

Articles by John Heard

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  29. The SEO Pro's *Complete* 2020 Website Audit Checklist: Part One
  30. An Advanced SEO's Guide to Page Speed Optimization - Part 2
  31. An SEO's Ultimate Keyword Primer - Part 2
  32. Your 2020 Advanced Guide to Page Speed Optimization - Part 1
  33. An SEO’s Ultimate Keyword Primer - Part 1
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  37. A Webmaster's Guide to the Advanced Techniques of 301 Redirects
  38. How to Use a 301 Redirect to Keep Your Pages from Dropping Off the Face of the Earth
  39. 2019 Robots.txt Primer: Get Your Site Properly Indexed by Controlling Google's Spider
  40. Boost Your Site's Rankings With This Hidden Stash of Unclaimed Links
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  43. Leverage Your Video Content Like the Pros to Skyrocket Your Site's Traffic
  44. How to Setup and Optimize Your YouTube Channel Like a Pro
  45. Why Buying an Existing Website May be the Smartest Way to Jumpstart Your SEO Strategy
  46. Google says "Time to Go Secure!"
  47. How to Evaluate a Directory Before You Submit a Site
  48. How to Use CSS Sprites to Slash Image Load Time
  49. Google's New Image Mismatch Penalty Explained
  50. The Practical Guide to Mobile SEO - Part 2
  51. Your Practical Guide to Mobile SEO - Part 1
  52. Work Google like a Pro with these Advanced Commands
  53. Getting Started with Google+ Communities
  54. Bing's Updated Webmaster Guidelines Focuses Heavily on Social Signals & Page Speed
  55. Yahoo & Facebook Together for Search? Not Happening...
  56. Yahoo Testing Different Layouts
  57. Bing Releases Webmaster Guidelines
  58. Bing Ads introduces new Quality Impact Feature
  59. Bing Allows Home Page Wallpaper Downloads
  60. New Homepage Redesign in the Works
  61. Mobile Ap Company Acquired
  62. Mayer Outlines Yahoo's Plan for the Future
  63. New Bing Ads Reporting Features Released
  64. Sitelink Extensions now available in Bing Ads
  65. MSN & Bing Release a New Design for Windows 8
  66. Bing Search now available on Xbox
  67. Bing Adds Klout Score to Social Sidebar
  68. Yahoo's New Focus
  69. Mayer Pleases Investors and Employees with new Changes
  70. New Record Search Share for Bing
  71. Microsoft Ads rebranded Bing Ads
  72. Kindle Fire HD chooses Bing for Default Search
  73. Bing Testing Number of Search Results
  74. "Bing it On" - Side By Side Search SmackDown
  75. Facebook Photos Now Searchable on Bing
  76. Mayer bans "What is Yahoo?" Question & Focuses on Morale
  77. Windows 8 Promises Better Bing Search
  78. Establish Yourself as an Expert on Quora to be Featured in Bing's Social Sidebar
  79. Bing Discloses Secret SEO Recipe
  80. Bing Webmaster Tools Report Metrics Change
  81. Annoy your Facebook Friends with Bing's New Tagging Feature
  82. Yahoo to Shut Down Koprol August 28th
  83. iHeartRadio now Official Yahoo Radio Service
  84. Yahoo Voices Email Accounts Hacked
  85. Marissa Mayer Named New Yahoo CEO
  86. 165 Terabytes of New HD Imagery added to Bing Maps
  87. Don't Focus on Links Says Bing
  88. Foursquare added to Socal Lineup
  89. Bing Adds Ability to Disavow Links in Webmaster Tools
  90. Yahoo Image & Video Search Updated with Freshness in Mind
  91. Bing's Search Quality Updates
  92. It's Christmas in July - Link Data now in Webmasters Toolbox!!!
  93. Bing Image Search Update Clamps Down on Duplicate Images Big Time
  94. Bing Loves Qwiki Video
  95. Launches Britannica Online Answers Snippets
  96. Bing's Local Results Now Powered By Yelp!
  97. How to Change Your Domain Name Without Losing Your Web site's Rankings
  98. Yahoo releases Marketing Dashboard
  99. Yahoo launches Axis, a new Plugin/App
  100. Further Chaos at Yahoo, CEO Thompson Resigns
  101. Microsoft Advertising rebranded under Bing
  102. Hit Wise - Bing now at 30%
  103. Nokia to give Bing Maps a Boost
  104. Bing Removes Streetside Maps in Germany
  105. Bing Going ALL In with New Level of Social Search Integration
  106. Search Alliance Wraps up in UK, France & Ireland
  107. 2000 Yahoo Employees get Sacked
  108. Bing Bar 7.1 Released
  109. Bing Now Recommending Pagination Tags
  110. More Venues Now in Bing Maps
  111. Bing to Charge for API Access
  112. Bing Updates Video Search
  113. Yahoo Sues Facebook over Multiple Patents
  114. Microsoft adCenter Releases New Features
  115. Bing Does Spring Cleaning of Its Search Results - Be Sure Your Sites Aren't Hit
  116. Small Tweaks Done to Bing Maps
  117. Bing Search Quality Insights Launched
  118. Bing Testing New Local Results
  119. New Bing Keyword Research Tool Launched
  120. Yahoo Nukes Mobile Apps
  121. A Civil War is Brewing at Yahoo
  122. Bing Releases "Linked Pages"
  123. How to be an Authority in Bing's Eyes
  124. Bing Adds Markup Validation Tool
  125. Bing Testing New Search Result Layouts
  126. Jerry Yang, Yahoo Co-Founder Resigns
  127. Scott Thompson New Yahoo CEO
  128. Don't Sweat Reciprocal Links says Bing
  129. Bing is for #Doing
  130. Yahoo rebrands Associated Content as Yahoo Voices
  131. Yahoo Image Search Updated
  132. Bing Voice Search now on Xbox 360
  133. Microsoft Moves into 2nd Place
  134. Bing Mobile App Updated to HTML5
  135. adCenter Releases New Tools
  136. Bing Daily Deals Renamed 'MSN Offers'
  137. Bing Webmaster Tools Updated
  138. Bing Adds Editors Picks
  139. Bing Maps Adds New Features Including Sharing Options
  140. Bing Market Share Still Rising
  141. Bing Closes Deal with Mozilla to Become Default Engine on Firefox
  142. Yahoo Adds Even More New Specialty Searches
  143. Yahoo Site Explorer Retired
  144. Google & Microsoft at Yahoo's Gates
  145. Bing Continues to Slowly Gain Against Google
  146. Bing Launches Airport Desktop First
  147. Yahoo Screen Beta Launched
  148. Yahoo Completes Switch to Bing Power...Almost
  149. Unraveling the Benefits of the Ever-Versatile QR Code
  150. Bing Adds New Features for Mobile Users
  151. Bing Renews Partnership With Twitter
  152. Bing First To Use Video On Home Page
  153. Bing Deals ReLaunches and Adds Local Deals
  154. Bing Launches Action Buttons and Something Isn't Right...
  155. Bing Introduces Adaptive Search Technology
  156. Bing Power Extended to Asia
  157. Yahoo Getting Chummy with Facebook and Redesigns Search Results Page
  158. Yahoo CEO Bartz Fired
  159. Are Bing Users There By Default?
  160. Bing First to Release Mall Maps
  161. Yahoo Data & Security Features now in Bing Webmaster Tools
  162. Bing Shopping Adds Search Box with Auto Suggest and More!
  163. Visual Search Expanded
  164. Bing's View on What Makes for Quality Content
  165. Launches Attractions Instant Answers and Focuses More on Local Search
  166. Yahoo Sends Sites More Traffic Than the Other Engines
  167. BingHoo Expands into Europe and Arabic Countries.
  168. Bing Updates Mobile Search to Be Location Specific
  169. Redesigns Weather and Finance Sites and Snags Top Lists For Themselves
  170. Bing Market Share Up, Yahoo Down
  171. Bing Maps Gets New Updates
  172. Bing Updates iPad App with new Lasso Feature
  173. Bing Makes Deal With Baidu
  174. Webmaster Tools Receives More Updates
  175. BingHoo Expands to Six More Countries
  176. Site Explorer to Close Soon
  177. DoFollow — The nofollow Work-Around For Building Incoming Links by the Truckload!
  178. "Honey Badger" upgrade to Bing Webmaster Tools Announced
  179. Mobile Features Updated & Apps Integrated into Search
  180. Streetside View goes Panoramic
  181. Yahoo Adds Mobile App Search
  182. Facebook Integration Deepened at Bing
  183. Bing Maps Global Ortho Project Announced
  184. Microsoft Buys Skype for 8.5 BILLION
  185. Blackberry to switch to Bing
  186. Bing Shopping Gets New Upgrades
  187. Yahoo Buys 5to1 to Extend Advertising Opportunities
  188. Yahoo Search Marketing Blog Shutdown
  189. How to Build Links, Increase Traffic and Dominate Your Niche with Article Marketing
  190. Dramatically Increase Your Search Engine Exposure with Google Merchant
  191. Your Complete Guide to Bing's New Local Business Listing Portal
  192. Yahoo Launches 4Cast
  193. Buzz is the latest in Service Shutdowns.
  194. Bing Partners up with KAYAK Travel
  195. Natural Language Features added to Shopping Search
  196. Matchbox Technology offers new Personalization Capabilities
  197. Rolls out Local Deal Engine - Bing Deals
  198. Bing's Mobile Site gets New Features
  199. IE9 Released, Optimized for Bing Yet Easily Changed
  200. AdCenter to introduce Quality Score for Campaigns
  201. Tweets Added to Bing News
  202. Yahoo Shutting Down AlltheWeb
  203. Yahoo Researchers Explore the 3rd Dimension of Search
  204. Search Direct Launched to Keep Searches on Yahoo
  205. Bing to Power Nokia Smartphones
  206. Bing Webmaster Central Adds Detailed Stats
  207. Trademark Keywords now allowed at Bing & Yahoo
  208. New Bing Toolbar Released
  209. Personalization and Local Results now showing at Bing
  210. Facebook Likes now on all U.S. Search Results
  211. Bing Adds Tiles to Search Results
  212. Bing Admits Toolbar Click Stream Part of Ranking Algorithm
  213. Yahoo to Charge for Search BOSS Use
  214. Yahoo turns Real Estate Search over to Zillow
  215. New Yahoo Livestand to be released 1st half 2011
  216. Yahoo Shutting Down MyBlogLog May 24th
  217. The Top 10 'On-Page' SEO Spamming Tricks to Avoid Like the Plague
  218. How to Use Flash in Top Ranking Pages
  219. How to Build Your ‘Subscribers’ Network on Stumbleupon
  220. A Professional SEO's Cheat Sheet for Building a Search Engine Friendly Web Site for 2010
  221. Top Seven Tricks The Pros Use to Get Around The Rules!
  222. Three Easy Steps to Protect Your Site from Spambots that can Hijack your Site's Content!
  223. How to get a spider to index your WHOLE site