14 SEO Features of High Ranking Product Pages
 by John Heard

14 SEO Features of High Ranking Product Pages — by John Heard

REI Example Product PageToday's consumer spends a shocking amount of their buying time online because they know that everything (regardless if it's toilet paper or a large piece of furniture) is just a click away. As you can imagine, with all that money being spent online, the competition for those customers can get pretty aggressive. However, regardless of the industry you're competing in, it's easy to find so many businesses doing it wrong. So, to be sure you're doing it right, here is a list of 14 SEO features that virtually all high converting product pages have in common.

Now ask yourself... Which of these features is your site lacking?

#1 - Clean URL Structure with Primary Keywords

Thankfully, most up to date shopping carts and CMS systems do not require long, crappy URL structures like they used to. When you set these systems up, you can typically choose how they are configured. So, in most cases this is a no brainer, unless you shoot yourself in the foot.

Your URL structure for product pages should be short and ideally contain some product keywords to help generate click through's and provide SEO signals to search engines. If someone searches for a Garmin Montana 680 the URL that they see in the search listing confirms that when they click through they're going to land on the page with that information on it.

Let's look at this example from REI.com. This is their URL for the Garmin Montana 680:


Notice how the /product/898068/ tells neither us, nor the search engines, anything about that page's content. It's useless from our point of view because that number is their internal SKU#. A better URL for this product page would simply be:


Be sure to take into account what that li...