Would owning a new top level domain (TLD) with keywords provide a ranking advantage?
 by Stephen Mahaney

Would owning a new top level domain (TLD) with keywords provide a ranking advantage?

  • I've heard that a whole bunch of new top level domain (TLD) names were released in 2020 and that more are scheduled for release in 2021. I'm wondering, is there is any SEO advantage in owning one of these new TLD's with strategic keywords in the domain name? ... would they have a ranking advantage?


The short answer is no. But read on.

Google's John Mueller recently addressed this question saying "we treat all of the new top-level domains like any other generic top-level domain. So there is no additional value to having keywords in the top-level domain."

He added,

There is no additional value in having city names or country names in the top-level domain. We treat them all like any other generic top-level domain like a dotcom, essentially.

But even though there is no actual ranking advantage John goes on to say, "if you find a domain name that works well for your site that you want to keep for the long run, and it's a new top-level domain, then definitely go for it ... But, also, keep in mind that there is no bonus for using a particularly well-matching, top-level domain."

Here's a handy site (with whom we have no affiliation or experience with) that lists 3,555 Domain Extensions and enables you to compare the inventory, ratings, prices, and features of 55 active domain registrars. They also provide a complete list of TLDs in alphabetic order and a TLD Launch Schedule of domains yet to be released.SEN article end