How to Use Internal Links So Google Will Love Your Best Pages
 by Keith Saye

How to Use Internal Links So Google Will Love Your Best Pages — by Keith Saye

We Love Your Web Pages live in a democracy and that means, if we want a particular outcome, we vote for a party or candidate. The government counts the votes to decide which candidate wins.

Now imagine that links are votes. The 'government' (Google) counts the votes and decides which web pages win.

Here's what you need to understand...

If you have a web page with very few links, then it's lacking votes. That means it's far less likely to win... eh, rank.

So, here's how to get those votes

Two ways – external links and internal links. As you know, external links depend on others linking to you. That's something you don't have a lot of control over. However, internal links are totally in your control. And that's good news because internal links are votes — and YOU control the voting. So...

let's explore the many ways internal links can be used to show Google which pages to love.

1. Quality Content Ensures Your Vote Is Credible

When voting we try to pick the best candiate with the best policies. Likewise, Google looks to rank webpages based on best content and highest quality. That's why it's critically important to ensure your internal links point to your highest quality pages. Otherwise, if Google sees you're linking to low quality pages they won't believe your 'vote' is credible.

This is important because, if Google thinks the pages you're linking to are low quality, they won't look any deeper into your site. This means the rest of your pages might be ignored. On the other hand, if the pages they find through your internal links are awesome, then Google is happy to crawl and index the rest of your site.

In the Tweeted words of Google's John Mueller...