Why Buying an Existing Website May be the Smartest Way to Jumpstart Your SEO Strategy
 by John Heard

The Advanced SEO Strategy the pros don't want you to know!
Why Buying an Existing Website May be the Smartest Way to Jumpstart Your SEO Strategy - by John Heard

Website For Sale SignIt can be a real challenge to start a new website and quickly develop it into an income producing investment in today's environment. The bar to entry is much higher than it was back even a few years ago due to the algorithms the search engines use and growing competition.

Numerous factors are to blame for this, but the major ones were designed to limit spammy websites from popping up on a daily basis. The search engines basically got tired of playing "whack-a-mole". To get around all this and ahead of the game, one method you can use is to buy an existing and established site.

Buying sites is one of the most powerful SEO "shortcuts" you can employ, but it can be tricky for everyone from the inexperienced to the master. That's why we're here to show you the in's-and-outs of site buying and some important SEO related information, including:

  • How to recognize the best site-buying opportunities in your industry.
  • How to spot the cheaters and avoid losing money on a bad site.
  • How to negotiate the transaction (and protect yourself from fraud).
  • How to assume ownership of a site without Google resetting the PageRank and the links back to zero.

First let's look at the pros and cons of starting a new website vs buying an existing website:

Why A Brand New Domain May Have Stunted Growth in its Organic Search Engine Rankings?

  • Lack of inbound links will limit the domain's ability to rank well. All major search engines place a large percentage of importance on inbound links.
  • Search engines place new domains at the lowest level of trust & authority they have. These signals typically have to be de...