Your 2020 Advanced Guide to Page Speed Optimization - Part 1
 by John Heard

Increase your conversions and grab higher rankings! Your 2020 Advanced Guide to Optimizing Your Site Speed - Part 1 — by John Heard

John Heard in his race car drag racingGoogle is serious about speed!

Just like their big push to make the Internet Mobile Compatible for our own good, they've been harping at us for years to make our sites load faster.

On July of 2018, Google started factoring in page speed as a ranking factor. Since that date they've made a tremendous amount of tools and resources available to webmasters like yourself to help make sites faster.

A fast loading site comes with some serious perks. Based on numerous studies, we know that faster loading pages have higher conversions, are far more pleasurable to use, and the almighty Google hopefully will reward us by ranking our pages higher in the process.

Chances are that this is old news to you as we've written about it, talked about in our Podcasts and drilled it home in our monthly MasterMind Meetups for years before Google baked it into their algorithms. Now, with this guide, we'll go into depth on what exactly you need to do to your pages in order to speed them up. Today we're getting down to the nitty-gritty and not only giving you the tricks we use to speed up our pages, but we're also going to help you truly understand what matters so you can laser focus your efforts.

Page Speed Improvement Tools

1. Page Speed Insights Tool
Google PageSpeed InsightsPageSpeed Insights (PSI) from Google is an online tool that performs multiple in...


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