DoFollow — The nofollow Work-Around For Building Incoming Links by the Truckload!
 by John Heard

DoFollow — The nofollow Work-Around For Building Incoming Links by the Truckload! —by John Heard

dofollow.jpgWhen Google endorsed the nofollow tag back in 2005, they threw a monkey-wrench into the high-quality link building mechanism of the time. Prior to nofollow, it was easy to build a plethora of authoritative inbound links simply by commenting on blogs. Even better, blog trackbacks enabled us to build links just by linking to blog posts! Those of us who harnessed this strategy looked like geniuses to our clients. SEO life was good.

But they say all good things must come to an end. Conventional SEO logic argues that nofollow ushered out the era of easy link building. But, did it really? ...maybe not.

The Rise of the dofollow Movement

No surprise, many bloggers are riled by the notion that Google has any right to dictate how their link juice should be distributed to other sites. These rebellious bloggers rejected the nofollow doctrine and modified their blog settings so that comments and trackbacks would continue to pass link juice (i.e., PageRank). Eventually these rebels became known as dofollow bloggers.

Today, the trick is to find these do follow bloggers. And the good news is: there's actually a ton of them out there. However, before we spill the beans, here's a word to the wise:

Once you've learned how to tap into the Do follow Movement, don't go nuts! ...the advice we're about to share with you works best when used with restraint and self discipline.

If you abuse this strategy, it could work against you. Understood? If you're answering yes, then read on and we'll show you how to:

  • Find dofollow...