Work Google like a Pro with these Advanced Commands
 by John Heard

Work Google like a Pro with these Advanced Commands Advanced Search Operator Cheat Sheet — by John Heard

We here at are frequently using many of the Advanced Search Operators the search engines have available to aid us with SEO research, in fact once you get used to using them you'll find using many of these for even casual searches to get the info you're looking for faster. While you may already be familiar with many of these commands, a handy quick reference chart is always useful, and you might learn about some you didn't know about.

Warning: Avoid generating frequent searches using these operators, as search engines may block your access because they think you're a bot. Typically when this happens, Google will present a captcha challenge to find out if you're human. This is not something that will generate a penalty, but if you do attempt to automate using these commands, you may trigger a block accidentally.

Google Advanced Search Operators

The command site: limits your search to the specified domain. Displays all of the URLs indexed by Google restricted by the domain entered. Can be combined with other operato...