How to Use Negative Reviews to INCREASE Your Conversions
 by Craig Pence

How to Use Negative Reviews to INCREASE Your Conversions...
...and how to get Plenty More of the Good Ones Too!
— by Craig Pence

Warren Turn Lemons into Lemonade Buffet once wisely said...

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.

Warren is a pretty smart guy, and he has never been more right.

In only takes about 5 minutes for someone to write a negative review which can ruin your online business reputation and cause a real headache.

But what if I told you there's a super easy way to ensure the deck is always stacked in your favor?

And, that a handful of negative reviews (that will get posted) can ACTUALLY help increase your conversion rates and revenue?

Believe it or not, true story.

But before I tell you how, I want you to imagine you're on a trip to a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. It's Saturday night, you've had a loooong day and you're getting hangry.

What do you do?

Obviously, you pull out your smartphone and search "best pizza near me" (because who doesn't like pizza!)

You get 100's of options but these show up first...

GMB pizza places Atlanta

So, where are YOU going?

Marco's? 3.8 stars... Nope.

Dominic's? Heck no... those four 5-star reviews are probably Dom's friends and family—sketch.

Prezzano's looks decent at 4.6 but only 78 reviews whereas, MOD Pizza's reviews seem super legit. So you choose them and can finally chill out. Crisis avoided.

Now, maybe MOD Pizza has their act together with an optimized review process in place, or maybe they just have BOMB pizza and great service... probab...