Video: THE Essential 'Starter Guide' to Structured Data Markup
 by John Heard

Video: THE Essential 'Starter Guide' to Structured Data Markup —by John Heard

On Tuesday, June 23rd we joined John Heard as he spent an hour digging into the essentials of Structured Data markup. Then he and another Structured Data Expert, Kristi Hagen, spent another 30min answering questions from all the SEN members who attended. He covered:

  • All the terms: JSON-LD, Rich Results, Schema, Rich Snippets, etc.

  • Which markup types are effective, which ones aren't, including:

    • LocalBusiness Markup

    • Organization Markup

    • Product Markup with Nested Reviews

    • Breadcrumb Markup

    • Q&A Content Markup

    • Article Markup

    • FAQ Markup

  • Common mistakes to avoid at all costs.

  • Best way to add code to your site whether by hand or with a plug-in.

  • How to test & troubleshoot your markup.

This training did an excellent job of taking the mystery out of Structured Data and Rich Results! And showing you how to turn theory into practice. Below you'll find the complete video. Watch it!

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Here's a copy of the Slides and the Audio Recording.

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