How to Optimize YouTube Videos to Get the Search Rankings You Deserve
 by John Heard

How to Optimize YouTube Videos to Get the Search Rankings You Deserve — by John Heard

Video content is quickly surpassing any other format in popularity, and not only is YouTube is the leader in online video, it's also the worlds 2nd highest traffic search engine behind Google itself. YouTube has over 1 billion users and those people are watching hundreds of millions of hours and billions of views, per day. That number can be hard to comprehend so here's another staggering way to look at this number...

YouTube has over 684,931 years of video watched on its platform - each and every month!

In a June 2014 study by TNS, Ogilvy and Google, they surveyed 2,458 recent buyers of autos, beauty products and smartphones and they learned that YouTube frequently is used for research prior to purchase, a process they call "Product Visualization". They found for purchases like a car, 72% of recent purchasers said YouTube is one of the best places to watch "in-action" videos of vehicles they considered buying. 62% of Smartphone buyers said:

"YouTube helps me learn about products through how-to videos, product reviews or even ads better than any other web site."

Smart brands today are making use of YouTube as a way to provide a digital test drive of their products and informational How To videos. YouTube's "How To" category alone is growing at 70% per year, which is a very high traffic segment. You can take the time to learn more about this growing topic segment within Google resource"I Want-to-Do Moments: From Home to Beauty".

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