Free Online Video Converter Tools
 by Stephen Mahaney

Free Online Video Converter Tools

  • I'm having trouble figuring out how to reduce the file size of my video so that it won't be so large when I upload it online. Can you recommend an affordable tool or resource that will help me efficiently compress a 100Mb video file down to something much smaller without losing significant quality?


One such resource we use is located at It's online, free to use, and listed as one of the 5 Best Online Video Converter Tools Of 2020 by TechPcVipers.

According to TechPcVipers, FreeConvert is... advanced online video converter tool that is completely free and secure. It supports over 350 video conversions and the conversion process is really simple. The advanced video converter includes some customizable options such as target format, video resolution, CODEC support, and orientation settings.

Besides compressing your videos, you can also do batch conversions for up to 20 videos. The only downside is the 1GB limit for video conversion. But if that's a problem you can try using HDConvert which is listed #1 on the list of "Best 5" and doesn’t have any file size limit.SEN article end



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