2020 WordPress Template Shootout: 10 Fast Loading Templates
 by John Heard

10 Fast Loading WordPress Templates you can use today!
2020 WordPress Template Shootout — by John Heard

WordPress Template Shootout

One of the most frequent questions we receive is "Where can I find a Fast Loading WordPress Template to work with?

We initially addressed this question 6 years ago with our 1st WordPress Template Shootout, at that time overall page speed was plain bad.

WordPress developers at that time didn't really get the Need for Speed. Thankfully, over the years, they've made solid improvements.

Let's take a fresh look at what's available in today's market for a Fast Loading WordPress Template.

Theme Comparison Factors

What's important in regard to page speed has been a moving target for Developers. We used to be able to look at simple metrics such as "Load Time" and "Fully Loaded Time" and that's changed. Now Google is pushing us to look at how long it takes for the First Contentful Paint (FCP) and Time to Interactive - how long it takes before the user can interact with the page. It's all about user experience and the impression of speed. Nobody likes a slow loading website!

The templates we included in our report below do lack the "everything including the kitchen sink" mentality some template designers use, but they do include features we believe most website owners will want such as WooCommerce capability. We've also focused on themes more oriented towards a business website design layout rather than stripped down themes that nobody will likely want to use.

Disclaimer: There is some variation in our testing due to server speed (aka Time to First Byte), which was beyond our control. There is also quite a variation in the theme designs themselves, which we attempted to minimize by testing each themes example product...