An SEO's Ultimate Keyword Primer - Part 2
 by John Heard

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Part Two — Ten steps to finding all the right Keywords
An SEO's Ultimate Keyword Primer — By John Heard

keyword-primer.jpg We'll begin by stating the obvious:

Start by making a list of every possible keyword you can think of that your potential customers might use when searching for what you're selling.

There's a good chance you'll easily come up with a list of twenty or so before you start to run out of ideas. That's the point at which you should resort to the tips and tools that'll help you continue the brainstorming process of building your raw keyword list.

The following ten guidelines will help make this process as productive as possible.

1.  Be Specific

Keywords vs. Keyphrases
The term keywords is actually a bit of a misnomer. You'll almost never be optimizing your Web pages for a single word; these are usually too general and overly competitive to be worth the effort. Instead, you'll be looking for key phrases of two to five words. But, in the world of SEO/SEM, these phrases are still referred to as keywords.

When selecting your ke...