Boost Your Site's Rankings With This Hidden Stash of Unclaimed Links
 by John Heard

An insider's guide to leveraging your site logs
Boost Your Site's Rankings With This Hidden Stash of Unclaimed Links — By John Heard

gold coinWouldn't you love to find a couple hundred links to your site without having to go out and get them? Well, what would you say if I told you that you already have them?

Almost every site has unused links, just waiting for you to find them if you're willing to look for them. Not only are those potentially PageRank boosting links already pointing at your site but they're also really easy to find! Let me explain...

While doing link research for a SEO campaign we found an incoming link to our client's web page from a very high PageRank site that targeted the keyword wine. It was coming from a great gourmet site and was definitely an asset to our campaign. This link was one of the main reasons our client's site had such a high PageRank and why it ranked so well in the search results for the keyword wine. Everything seems normal right? Well, what I didn't expect to find was on that same gourmet website there were a few other outbound links and one of them was broken. It was linking out to another wine site, which wasn't ranking well at all!

The owners of that site would move heaven and earth to fix that broken link and recover that PR 8 inbound link! Wouldn't you spend five minutes of your time to get a PR 8 link? Of course you would. So, why didn't the people running that site know they were missing that link? Easy - they weren't paying attention to their server's 404 errors (missing pages) and it was costing them!

Simply put - today's webmasters spend a ton of time acquiring new links to their site and not enough time managing those links. Eventually, without attention, many of those hard-earned links end up broken and useless. The older a website is, the greater the chance that many of those valuable inbound links will be broken because pages have been removed or renamed over time. Your goal is to find those broken links ...