Stephen Mahaney's Articles

Stephen Mahaney

CEO & Founder of Planet Ocean
Washington State / Hawaii

Stephen Mahaney founded Planet Ocean in 1990, published 'The UnFair Advantage Book on Winning The Search Engine Wars' in 1996 (the Web's *original* $97 eBook) and established longest running membership-based publication site on the Internet--in 1997.

Today he splits his time between Kona, Hawaii and the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

Articles by Stephen Mahaney

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  35. Multiple Instances of Fact Check Markup Not Allowed
  36. How to Succeed With Google Posts: Case Study
  37. Facebook Expanding Access to AR Try On
  38. Facebook Pay Extends Availability to Streamline Checkout on Your Site
  39. Microsoft Advertising Now Offering Video Extensions
  40. Multimedia Ads Now Available on Microsoft Advertising
  41. Microsoft Ads Expands Verticals For Dynamic Remarketing
  42. Link Spam Update Rolling Out Until Aug 10th
  43. Showcase Product Promotions Across More Surfaces during Seasonal Shopping Moments
  44. GSC Links AMP Debugging to AMP Page Experience Guide
  45. AdSense Releases Faster New Embed Code
  46. Google Graphs & Explains Search Traffic Drops
  47. Ad Policy Violators: Three Strikes, Yer Out!
  48. Google Announces New Privacy Sandbox Timeline
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  51. July 2021 Core Update
  52. How can product schema be added to a page when the price of the product is variable?
  53. Are Local Services Ads a good deal for service type businesses?
  54. Are reciprocal links OK if they are relevant and useful?
  55. Here's How Long It Takes to Get New Content Indexed
  56. Core, Page Experience, & Spam Updates All Rolled-out in June
  57. New Guidance - Redirects, HTTP Status Codes, Network Issues, & DNS Errors
  58. WordPress 5.8 adds WebP Support
  59. Facebook's Publishes Ad Review Process Guidelines
  60. Google Ads Developer Blog Summary for June 2021
  61. AdSense Site Approvals Video Tutorial Series
  62. New Tutorial Workflow Shows SMB's How to Advertise on YouTube
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  65. You Can Now Edit Robots.txt in Shopify
  66. RSS-Powered Follow Button Being Tested in Chrome Canary
  67. Sunsetting the Generic Rich Results Search Appearance on GSC
  68. Google Updates GSC Help Docs For Robots.txt & Structured Data
  69. Google Limits FAQ Rich Results to Two Max Per Snippet
  70. PageSpeed Insights Showing More Field Data
  71. Lighthouse 8.0 to be Released With Chrome 93 in August
  72. Google Adds Negative Match Option to RegEx Filter
  73. Google Launches Search Console Insights
  74. Google Pauses FLoC & Extends Third Party Cookie Support Until Late 2023
  75. Yelp Releases New Yelp for Business Features
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  105. WordPress Elementor Vulnerability
  106. Google Ads Developer Blog Summary for March 2021
  107. Static Headlines Now Available for Dynamic Search Ads
  108. Bing URL Submission Plugin for WordPress
  109. Bing Upgrades Search to Include Visually Rich Imagery
  110. Sketchy One Star "Fake" Review Ratings Win in Court
  111. New GMB Review Management Tool
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  113. Best Practices For Videos
  114. Mueller on Image Optimization
  115. How To Get Your Products Into Search
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  119. Facebook Breaks the News in Australia to Prove a Point
  120. Facebook Knew for Years Ad Reach Estimates Were Based on 'Wrong Data' But Blocked Fixes Over Revenue Impact
  121. Facebook Puff Piece Stirs Controversy For NYTimes Writer
  122. GMB Auto Populating Services
  123. GMB Messaging Rolling Out For Desktop
  124. Years in Business Feature Added to GMB
  125. GSC Changes To Web Story Performance Report
  126. Search Console Discover Report Adds Chrome Data
  127. Updated Metric Boundaries for Core Web Vitals
  128. Use 503 To Avoid Losing Rankings While in Social Statement Mode
  129. Official Google Video On Duplicate Content
  130. New Manual Action Penalties for Google News and Discover Policy Violations
  131. Google Expands Phrase Match To Include Broad Match Modifier Traffic
  132. Google Launches Passage Ranking
  133. Google Announces Price Enforcements for Merchants
  134. February 26th Digest - John Mueller's Hangouts - Search Central Office Hours
  135. February 19th Digest - John Mueller's Hangouts - Search Central Office Hours
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  138. WebSite Cleanup Tips for a faster, better-indexed site
  139. How to relocate a GMB attorney listing
  140. Tips for getting listed in People Also Ask
  141. Does using the disavow tool indicate to Google that a site might be shady?
  142. What, exactly, is Core Web Vitals?
  143. DuckDuckGo Hits 100 Million Searches Per Day -- Updates Privacy Protections
  144. GMB Updates Flag Review Options
  145. Google to Invite Advertisers to Test Alternative to 3rd Party Cookies
  146. URL Removal Tool in GSC Doesn't Actually Remove Pages
  147. Price Drop Added to Google Rich Results
  148. Google to Stop Collecting Ad ID's To Avoid Pop Up Warning in iOS Apps
  149. Google Notifies Site Owners About New HTTP/2 Protocol Crawling
  150. Google Wants Web Stories, not Web Teasers
  151. Google Threatens to Leave Australia
  152. WordPress Launches New Website Building Service
  153. High-severity Vulnerability in WordPress Plugin Contact Form
  154. Facebook Moving UK Users to US Privacy Terms & Conditions
  155. Facebook Attacks Apple's Plan to Give Users a Privacy Choice
  156. Twitter Relaunching Verified Accounts
  157. Update on the Structured Data Testing Tool
  158. Noindexed Pages Can Impact Core Web Vitals
  159. Google Placing UK Users Under U.S. Jurisdiction
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  161. Copied Content is Sometimes More Relevant
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  163. Google Rolls Out Dec 2020 Core Algorithm Update
  164. Top Google Searches for 2020
  165. An Important Message from The Founder of Planet Ocean / SEN
  166. Would owning a new top level domain (TLD) with keywords provide a ranking advantage?
  167. Are keyword heavy titles a problem?
  168. Free Online Video Converter Tools
  169. Editorial: Subscribe With Google / The Google News Initiative
  170. Google for Jobs is LIVE & Based on Schema Markup
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  176. SEN Celebrates 20 Years!
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  178. Why is America so polarized?'s the Echo Chamber!
  179. A Virtual Paradi$e of Low Hanging Fruit
  180. How to track customers without hurting your Local Listings in Google
  181. Once They Find Your Page How Do You Get Them to Take Action?! Common Mistakes Marketers Make.
  182. Once They Find Your Page How Do You Get Them to Take Action?
  183. The Missing Link To Writing Effective Ad Copy
  184. The Missing Link To Writing Effective Ad Copy
  185. How to Easily Analyze your Competition in Seconds Using the Site Strength Indicator Tool
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