An Important Message from The Founder of Planet Ocean / SEN
 by Stephen Mahaney

An Important Message from The Founder of Planet Ocean / SEN — by Stephen Mahaney
Stephen-&-Danny_August-2008-LL.pngStephen & Danny - Aug 2008

My name is Stephen Mahaney (pronounced Steph, like Steph Curry).

If you've been around SEO for a very long time, long before the days of Google, then you probably know who I am. Most people in the SEO industry know of Danny Sullivan, the current search liaison working for Google and who most people consider to be the Godfather of SEO. I would agree with that. However, if you were to ask Danny, he'd probably mention my name as a runner up.

That's because Danny and I began our endeavors almost simultaneously, at the same time, same year and maybe even the same month. Back then he worked under the banner of Calafia Consulting and I was publishing (with the help of John Heard) the The Unfair Advantage Book on Winning The Search Engines Wars (the world's first eBook) supported by SEN's predecessor, The Search Engine Secrets Newsletter.

At the time, 1996-97, we were the only two people reporting on search engine strategies. Of course that didn't last long but my point is, I've been around as long as Danny. And, like Danny, I've witnessed every layer of the onion having seen the entire evolutionary process of SEO from the beginning to now.

The truth is that Danny, myself, John Heard and a few others literally "invented" SEO way back in the mid-to-late 90's.

So what's the point? ...and where have I been?

Glad you asked.

Actually I've been right here, lurking, behind the scenes, helping out, writing many of the updates, and offering advice within the confines of the company.

I've been happy to watch others associated with SEN learn, grow and prosper. If you're one of the many members who've been with us the past couple of decades, then you probably know most of them. Regardless, y...