How to Automatically Build an AdWords Campaign
 by Stephen Mahaney

How to Automatically Build an AdWords Campaign that Targets Thousands of Long-Tail Keywords While Driving Your Quality Score Through the Roof!
— by Stephen Mahaney and Esoos Bobnar

We work with a lot of clients on their pay-per-click campaigns and, again and again, we find two significant hurdles keeping them from extracting the maximum possible profit for their PPC advertising dollar...

  1. Long Tail Keywords — These highly-targeted 3 and 4-word phrases represent some of the greatest opportunities in PPC marketing. Their laser-sharp focus generally means significantly higher sales conversions and much lower click costs.

    The problem is that building a list of 1000's of highly-targeted converting keywords is hard to do without also accidentally including lots of low-value garbage keywords. And an even bigger problem is managing all those keywords once you have them.

    If you've ever tried sorting 10,000 keywords into relevant ad groups and creating targeted ads for each, you know this is not the easiest task—to say the least.

  2. The Quality Score — Since its launch in late 2005, the AdWords Quality Score has become one of the primary factors in determining the success of your PPC campaign.

    Getting your Quality Score right can literally make the difference between paying $0.50 per click and $5.00 per click (and we're using the word literally here in its literal sense, meaning yeah, it really does happen).

    The key to keeping your Quality Score high is tight integration between your keywords, your ads, your ad groups, and your landing pages. Each must be highly relevant to the others.

    That means organizing your keywords into many highly-focused ad groups, then creating ads and landing pages sp...