Check your Popularity!
 by Stephen Mahaney

The Visibility Index® -- by Word Of Net

How many times have you wondered just how "visible" your web site or company is on the Internet. Now there's a great new tool by which you can measure your web site / company's on-line visibility profile.

In addition, you can also contrast two of your sites and/or brands as well as compare yourself to your competition. The visibility Index measures the number of Inbound Links, Newsgroup References, and On-line Articles that refer to either your web site's URL or company name. You can even type in a keyword (in the company name field) and get a feel for how popular a particular subject or product is on the world wide web. Give it a spin and have fun...

Go to: -- Measure your URL's Link Popularity

By now you must know that link popularity can not only help you increase traffic to your web site, it can also help your positioning in the search engines. gives users an easy one-click method of checking their site's link popularity on 3 of the major search engines. Unlike general web site tune-up services which only touch on link popularity, this site specifically focuses on it.

To determine how "popular" your site is and to find out exactly who is linking to your web pages, go to:

...while you're there you can sign up for their free monthly customized Link Popularity Report via e-mail.