How to Legally and Instantly Download All of Your Competitor's Top-Secret PPC Keywords!!!
 by Stephen Mahaney

New breakthrough in competitive intelligence...
How to Legally and Instantly Download All of Your Competitor's Top-Secret PPC Keywords!!!
—by Esoos Bobnar & Stephen Mahaney

When it comes to building a highly-profitable pay-per-click campaign, by far the most important factor in your success is finding the right keywords.

Online businesses that consistently make big money with PPC spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours brainstorming keyword lists, filtering them through paid tools (like WordTracker), testing the results in live campaigns, and then brainstorming, filtering, and testing again. If you've ever done this, you know it's a big job!

It's no exaggeration to say that a company's database of high-margin and high-conversion keywords—those that have proven themselves on the field of battle—may be on the short list of the company's most valuable assets.

Of course, hacking into your competitions' computers and downloading their keywords is not only unethical, it would also earn you a free pass to jail. But wouldn't it be great if there were a perfectly legal way to acquire a list of your competitions' best pay-per-click keywords? ...the same keyword list they've probably spent countless hours and no small sum, perfecting? Well, due to a perfectly legal and legitimate quirk in the system, now you can!

Introducing KeyCompete

KeyCompete is a high-tech competitive analysis tool which tracks the search results and monitors who is buying which keywords. Currently, they're monitoring over 130 million keywords. And all you have to do to learn which keywords your competitor is bidding on is enter a domain name and click Search! couldn't be simpler.

Not only that, you can also enter any keyword and see a list of everyone who is bidding on it—along with all of the other keywords each advertiser is bidding on...