Creating Web Sites that Load Fast & Sell
 by Stephen Mahaney

Creating Web Sites that Load Fast & Sell

Although this topic deserves more than a short synopsis, there are some basic ingredients that can be summed up into the essentials of what makes a web site successful as a direct response marketing tool.

Before we continue, let's define a "direct response" web page as any part of a web site where the visitor is directed to "take action" -- whether it be pick up the phone and call, e-mail for more info, or fill out an order form.

Unless your website's purpose is strictly Image Enhancement, Entertainment, or Informational, you have a "direct response" site... meaning that you most likely would like each visitor to take some sort of action that will culminate in that person engaging in business with you.

So, the question is... How do we stack the odds in our favor that visitors to our site will respond in a way that we want them to?

To answer that, let's take a look at the ingredients of webpages that are experiencing the most success in producing a favorable direct response from the customer.


The web page must load fast... the faster the better. The customer benefit must be clear, compelling, and stated early in the message. Choices should be limited to taking action one way or doing it another way... and both should always represent a step toward closing the sale. The offer must be risk free and designed to build trust.

#1 -- Creating a Fast Loading Website

Lets face it, we have all waited for web pages that seem to take fore...