Tips for getting listed in People Also Ask
 by Stephen Mahaney

Tips for getting listed in People Also Ask

  • We People Also Ask are looking to get our clients' websites listed as answers in the People Also Ask section of Google's SERPs. What are the strategies we should be using?


Start by reviewing this article, How to Write FAQ Content For Featured Snippets

In addition, we'd encourage you to break out of your keyword sandbox and do more research beyond the questions and keywords that are directly related to your client.

For instance, let's say your client is a divorce lawyer in Maryland, and you're researching PAA's (People Also Ask) that show up based on searches like What are child custody laws in Maryland?

Do some research substituting Maryland with, say, New Jersey. See what additional PAA's you can find?

Besides substituting locations, this can also work well when substituting brand names, services, time frames, professions, etc. — and can often lead to discovering something useful that you'd otherwise not thought of.

Lastly, for THE definitive guide on the topic, see this month's feature article, The Pro’s Guide to Understanding & Using Structured Data for Rich Search ResultsSEN article end



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