February 5th Digest - John Mueller's Hangouts - Search Central Office Hours
 by Stephen Mahaney

February 5th Digest
John Mueller's Hangouts — Search Central Office Hours

Pearl's of Wisdom and SEO Gems from John Mueller February 5th 2021

These edited and digestible byte-sized notes will save you hours of time wading through video of John struggling gallantly to sincerely answer the myriad questions presented in a variety of interesting accents from a world-wide audience with insatiable curiosities. Here's the digest version of the most useful gems and pearls in the order in which they appeared.

Office Hours · February 5, 2021 · 1:02:09

Search Central Office Hours – February 5, 2021 Run Time: 1:02:09 / Read Time: 8½ minutes

  • Ecommerce Site Page Content Changes – Provided that the category type does not change, ecommerce sites using predefined logic to show products on refined pages based on long tail keyword searches are not an issue with Google in spite of the fact a page's content will change due to inventory being added or removed after first rendering

    For example, if a page is showing blue jackets and then mixes in a red jacket, it wouldn't be a problem. However, if the page was showing just blue things like blue socks, blue jackets, blue purses, blue shoes, etc., that would be confusing to Google because it's hard to recognize the pattern.

    What's MOST important is that Google can find a persistent link to each of the products. Provided that the category (or topic) stays consistent, Google is fine with pages that change from load to load because it tri...