The Verge Is Laughing at Google's Guidelines
 by Stephen Mahaney

The Verge Is Laughing at Google's Guidelines — by Stephen Mahaney

Last month The Verge taunted Google with a 600 words article which flagrantly bragged about being mostly generated by ChatGPT.

The notably sarcastic piece outranked other more thorough and arguably valuable articles written by human writers from publications such as the New York Times, CNET, Consumer Reports, and Washington Post for the query best printer 2024.

Here's the opening two paragraphs on the Best printer 2024 page which, when we checked, ranked #1 on Google...

It's been over a year since I last told you to just buy a Brother laser printer, and that article has fallen down the list of Google search results because I haven't spent my time loading it up with fake updates every so often to gain the attention of the Google search robot.

It's weird because the correct answer to the query "what is the best printer" has not changed, but an entire ecosystem of content farms seems