Be Careful That AdBlockers Aren't Blocking Your Images
 by Stephen Mahaney

Be Careful That AdBlockers Aren't Blocking Your Images — by Stephen Mahaney

Unless you run adblockers and/or anti-tracking extensions in your browsers, you probably have no idea that any one of them can block your images from loading. Here's an example...

advanced image optimization advanced image optimization
This image, filename adv_image-opt-min.png, is blocked by adblockers This image, filename aio-min.png loads regardless of adblockers

Chances are you're seeing both images. But if you happen to be running adblockers such as Ghostery or uBlock Origin, the image on the left appears broken or missing.

The problem with the left image is it contains adv in the file name — which we used as an abbreviation for the word "advanced" as in "advanced image optimization." If you're running an adblocker, you may see that as the alt-text that appears alongside the broken image icon.

Unfortunately however, adblockers see adv as an abbreviation for "advertisement" — and that's why the image is blocked.

The solution is to rename the image as we have done for the image on the right – aio-min.png (internally, min tells us the image-file has been compressed or minimized).

Surprisingly, this...