February 19th Digest - John Mueller's Hangouts - Search Central Office Hours
 by Stephen Mahaney

February 19th Digest
John Mueller's Hangouts — Search Central Office Hours

Pearl's of Wisdom and SEO Gems from John Mueller during the month of February 2021

These edited and digestible byte-sized notes will save you hours of time wading through video of John struggling gallantly to sincerely answer the myriad questions presented in a variety of interesting accents from a world-wide audience with insatiable curiosities. Here's the digest version of the most useful gems and pearls in the order in which they appeared.

Office Hours · February 19, 2021 · 55:38

Search Central Office Hours — February 19, 2021 Run Time: 55:38 / Read Time: 7 minutes

  • Core Web Vitals is Measured on a Domain Level – Depending on the grouping of pages on your website, core web vital metrics are calculated on the domain level and scores depend on page groupings.

    This is important to know because, if you have slow pages and fast pages on a site, the CWV score will depend on how those pages are grouped together. Ideally you would want the fast pages grouped together and the slow pages in their own group. That way the fast pages wouldn't be handicapped by the slow pages.

    And, if you have different subdomains, those would be treated separately. You saved 1:32 – Link

  • Super Large Site Reporting Errors – In the case where a company has a super large site — like millions of pages — and most of the pages...


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