The Missing Link To Writing Effective Ad Copy
 by Stephen Mahaney

The secrets are uncovered only by the questions that most SEO's fail to ask...
The Missing Link To Writing Effective Ad Copy β€” By Stephen Mahaney

Note: SEN originally published this article in January 2003. Regardless, the basic message is timeless. And, since the value of this information has been repeatedly noted by readers as an important key to their success, we've updated and republished it from time to time for the benefit of our many members who've joined us since the last time we ran it.

Search Engine Marketers generally know how to apply HTML tags, create focused content, build link equity and apply schema markup for getting Web sites ranked well. But, in regards to online marketing in general, there's one little 'ole-school' piece of homework that most SEO's entirely overlook β€” they neglect to interview their target customers!

Why is this important? ...because you absolutely must,

find out what they want!
...never mind what you think they want.

It doesn't take a marketing genius to know that success depends on getting the most important details right. Leave any one of the essential ingredients out of the mix and your 'salesmanship in print' falls flat. Once that premise is understood, it's easy to see why the place to start is with interviewing customers. After all, how else could you possibly 'get into their heads?'

You simply must understand their motivations, desires, likes, dislikes, expectations, problems, perceptions, misunderstandings, and wants if ever you expect to write effective sales copy!

Amatuer Web marketers typically guess and test, guess and test, guess and test (ad nauseam)β€”all ...


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