Interview with ChatGPT
 by Stephen Mahaney

A paradigm shift in content creation...
Interview with ChatGPT
— by Stephen Mahaney

In surrealistic Chat bot being interviewed by nerd my lifetime I have seen very few events or developments that I would call a "paradigm shift" ... the Internet and then the smartphone are the two most recent that come to mind.

Both of these developments literally changed everything. There is nothing I can think of that isn't, in one form or another, affected by the proliferation of those two world changing technological advancements.

If I had to dig further, I would say the invention of flight and then perhaps the space program which ultimately landed men on the moon are also right up there. Also, splitting the atom.

Of course we can all debate their hierarchy of importance but it is undebatable that each one of those developments shifted the world.

A New Paradigm Shift

ChatGPT, and the development of other AI tools to generate human-like text based on the probabilities of words and phrases by processing extraordinarily large amounts of text data, is not only a mind boggling paradigm shift, it's also just getting started.

If you've been around SEO long enough, you remember how crude search engines were compared to today. And perhaps you remember how primitive your first smartphone was compared to the one you're carrying in your pocket or purse right now. Both of these world-beaters got better — fast!

So, when I see something this good already, it's a no-brainer to see a future where this type of technology becomes ubiquitous and permeates everything.

So sit up, pay attention and follow me down the garden path as I "interview" ChatGPT. And, although it is not (yet) perfect by far, I think you'll be amazed by how capable and versatile it already is. And remember...