The Best Way to Sell Products or Services On The Internet
 by Stephen Mahaney

The Best Way to Sell Products or Services On The Internet

I recently had a conversation with a subscriber who is doing extremely well with a single web site devoted to selling "a specific item" on the Internet. For some time now he has been, in his own words, "making a killing" with a very simple and profitable computer related accessory.

He explained that, since he sells t-shirts in his "walk-in" store, he thought it would be a good idea to change his web page to also offer t-shirts. Guess what -- sales fell dramatically! ...and all he did was change the TITLE tag and some text on his web page.

The lesson here is that the single product approach is what works best on the Internet!!!!...but only by far.

Every day we see web sites that list a plethora of goods and services in an effort to be all things to all people -- and, you know what? That is a mistake -- a BIG mistake.

Why, you ask? Because of the nature of the way the World Wide Web works combined with the purchasing habits and demographics of people who actually buy things on the Internet.

First of all, most buyers do not "browse" the Internet in "shopping" mode the same way they browse a printed catalog or even stroll through a real world shopping mall. The huge majority of people who actually buy things on the Internet start out by searching for a specific product or service... and they usually do this by using the search engines.

Now, we all know that search engines rely on "keywords" to determine "relevancy". The problem is that if you put T-shirts, pocket knives, shopping bags, radar detectors, and baby alligators all on the same page you have diluted the keyword relevancy for each of those specific items... causing none of them to likely score high in any of these keyword categ...