Startpage – Google Results Without Google's Crap!
 by Stephen Mahaney

Startpage – Google Results Without Google's Crap! — by Stephen Mahaney

If you're tired of seeing your hard-earned top organic rankings buried under a mountain of Google's own content, then you need to start telling people about Startpage.

Startpage is a privacy focused search engine with a revenue model that's based on serving Ads but without tracking its users and selling their data — very similar to DuckDuckGo.

However, Startpage serves Google results. But the difference is that Startpage does NOT serve Google's self-preference results.

For comparison, take a look at Google's Mobile search results for ebikes shown in the screenshots below...

Notice that the first organic search result is found on the third page after scrolling through the results twice. This is typical — the organic results are always buried under Google's Ads, People Also Asked, Maps, and so forth because Google wants the searcher to remain on Google. In fact a study in 2021 found that two thirds of the searches done on Google did not result in a click to a Website.

But with Startpage, you get this...

Startpage organic web results begin on page one without scrolling