The Best Kept Secret on the Internet?
 by Stephen Mahaney

The Best Kept Secret on the Internet?

...if you liked the 1950's "communist scare" and the resulting "blacklist" you're gonna love what's happening to email on the Internet today!
...infamous Senator Joe McCarthy would'da been proud.

There is a tremendous amount of "mail blocking" taking place on the Internet. Some of your email is not getting through and you may not be receiving all of your customer inquiries. Why? ...because business mail on the Internet is getting electronically tangled in unsupervised "drift nets" intended to fish out "unsolicited commercial email".

It is the best kept secret that a cyber-organism of dissimilar filtering systems, access denials, and mail dumping is mutating into a monstrous black hole that gobbles electronic messages whenever they exhibit "commercial" tendencies. Sure, most of it is "spam". But, more than you know, your legitimate mail is blocked from reaching its targeted source -- your clients, subscribers, and customers. The reverse is also true. Some people who write you with their inquiries are being blocked from reaching you. This is not fiction. This is fact!

How can this be you ask? Actually, the scenarios are so varied and many that I feel I'm explaining "War & Peace" while watching a movie more bizarre than the "Twilight Zone".

In The Beginning...

It all started out with the half-truth that "everybody hates spam". The whole truth is, some people hate all spam, some people like certain spam, some people tolerate spam -- and hate porn, some people read spam, some people respond to spam, some people simply don't care... etc.

The ABSOLUTE truth is... Backbone Providers like GTE, MCI, ATT, etc. LOATHE spam. Why? Because it taxes their system resources and adds significantly to their operating costs... and, to a minor degree, because they receive some complaints. ISP's and Web Hosting Services (WHS) also hate spam because they have t...