Proof Positive that Run-of-Site 'Paid' Links are BAD for your Website!
 by Stephen Mahaney

Case Study: Too many chef's spoil the soup...
Positive Proof that Run-of-Site 'Paid' Links are BAD for your Website's Rankability! — By Sante J. Achille & Stephen Mahaney

I'm sure by now you've heard; run-of-site paid links are bad. However the question seems to linger, 'how bad are they?' ...especially in light of the fact that some site owners absolutely insist on "helping" your professional SEO efforts.

Unfortunately, as we've been warning you for quite some time now, such "help" can actually lead to a rankings disaster. But, apparently, not all site owners have gotten the message yet. Therefore, this article (originated by seoINsiter Sante J. Achille) will give you the necessary argument to convince any well-intentioned site owner or over-eager SEO amateur to butt-out in terms of "helping" your professional SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) efforts.

Case Study: Are run-of-site links a good or bad search engine optimization technique?

Run-of-site links and linking are still around big time and many people remain convinced that benefits outweigh the damage that may result in regards to organic rankings and online visibility within the search engines.

Just in case you are new to this concept, run-of-site links are typically placed in a webpage's footer or sidebar and these links are repeated on each and every page of that website. Having such links to your website placed within a footer might add up to tens, hundreds or even thousands of backlinks pointing to you.

Are run-of-site links good or bad?



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