Google Updates Quality Rater Guidelines
 by Stephen Mahaney

Google Updates Quality Raters Guidelines — by Stephen Mahaney

Late Quality Rater Guidelines last month Google posted significant changes to their Search Quality Rater Guidelines (SQRG). The last SQRG update was back in October 2021.

Let's begin with the Overview

On the last page of the SQRG you'll find the Guideline Change Log which says,

Changes for July 2022

  • Refreshed language to be aligned with the newly published Search Quality Rater Guidelines: An Overview
  • Refined YMYL to focus on topics that require a high level of accuracy to prevent significant harm; added a new table of examples and refreshed existing examples
  • Added clarifications to Low and Lowest Page Quality sections to emphasize that the type and level of E-A-T depends on the purpose of the page, and that low quality and harmful pages can occur on any type of website
  • Refactored language throughout to be applicable across all devices types
  • Minor changes throughout (updated screenshots; removed or updated outdated examples and concepts; removed user location when irrelevant; etc.)

YMYL Section Changes

Gone is the breakdown of topics in the (infamous) YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) section of the ...