April 23rd Digest - John Mueller's Hangouts - Search Central Office Hours
 by Stephen Mahaney

April 23rd Digest
John Mueller's Hangouts — Search Central Office Hours

Pearl's of Wisdom and SEO Gems from John Mueller during the month of April 2021

These edited and digestible byte-sized notes will save you about 53 minutes of time wading through video of John struggling gallantly to sincerely answer the myriad questions presented in a variety of interesting accents from a world-wide audience with insatiable curiosities. Here's the digest version of the most useful gems and pearls in the order they appeared.

Office Hours · April 23, 2021 · 59:44

Search Central Office Hours — April 23, 2021 Run Time: 59:44 / Read Time: 6 minutes

  • The Number of Pages Listed in Aggregate Reports Can Vary and might not match one-to-one with the number of pages you actually have indexed.

    Google shows the information from a significant sample of the pages on your website and, depending on the website, that can be almost all pages and sometimes it's less than all pages — and that sample can change over time.

    For example when you're looking at speed, if your pages do not change with regards to speed you might still see the number of pages going up and down. That's just based on Google using a slightly different sample.

    It's far more important to focus on the errors that are mentioned rather than the scores. Base your work on the samples of those errors while looking for patterns that point to where you can make your improvements. Link

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