A Virtual Army of A.I. Tools Are Marching Us Into the Future
 by Stephen Mahaney

A Virtual Army of A.I. Tools Are Marching Us Into the Future — by Stephen Mahaney

Unless DALL·E 22 a futuristic image of a plethora of A.I. Tools all fighting for domination you've been living on a desert island with no phone, no news, and nobody to talk to, you've already heard about ChatGPT. You have probably even heard about DALL·E 2.

But, there's a good chance you haven't yet heard about the plethora of other A.I. tools you can use right now.

These include...

  • A.I. Detectors
  • Content at Scale
  • MidJourney
  • Tome
  • Quillbot
  • Superhuman
  • RyRob
  • Jasper

Some of these are already amazing! Others show the promise of what's to come. All of them are mind bending shifts in how to get stuff done. And, like the commercial internet that emerged in the mid 90's, they provide a way for you to...

Warp Time!

That's because each of them enables you to do what you already do in a tiny fraction of the time it took for you to do them yesterday.

Let's take a brief look at a few of them, explain what they do and talk about why you might want to start using them now.

A.I. Detectors

As you may already know, Google uses A.I. to detect A.I. generated content. If you are worried about Google devaluing your ChatGPT (or any other A.I.) generated content, then you need to know there are a bunch of A.I. detectors out there that you can use to test your content.

This enables you to tweak or otherwise rephrase your A.I. generated content to make it look more human. Then re-run it through the A.I. detector until it no longer looks like A.I.