27 Years of SEN
 by Stephen Mahaney

27 Years of SEN — by Stephen Mahaney

This 27 years of SEN month's issue completes our 27th year of publishing SEN.

Back in February 1997, when we published the first issue of The Search Engine Secrets Newsletter (which morphed into Search Engine News the following July), nobody had any idea how far "search" would evolve. And we certainly had no idea that AI would be threatening to upend everything we know about search. But that is what has happened over the course of the past year.

It feels like everything is caught in a current that is moving us forward whether we like it or not. And the current keeps getting stronger. The problem is, nobody knows for sure exactly where it's going.

But, as always, life goes on and we adjust as best we can as we conduct our daily lives and run our businesses.

Personally, I find it both fascinating and exciting. It feels somewhat like it did back in the beginning when the Internet first went commercial, like back in 1997 as we first embarked on this SEN adventure.

And frankly, while I'm uncertain about the future like I was back in 1997, I'm optimistic about the new opportunities. Mostly, I'm invigorated by the possibilities!

For example, yesterday I used ChatGPT's GPT builder (GPT+ subscription required) to create a "scholar" GPT on Leo Tolstoy's magnum opus War and Peace (>1200 pages). The entire process took less than 10 minutes...

seriously, LESS than 10 minutes!?!

That's insane.

GPT Builder seamlessly walked me through the entire process. It couldn't have been easier. Within minutes I had my own personal War and Peace Scholar...