A Virtual Paradi$e of Low Hanging Fruit
 by Stephen Mahaney

A Virtual Paradi$e of Low Hanging Fruit —by Stephen Mahaney - Founder, Planet Ocean/SEN

Chilln on the BayThis is an OUTSTANDING time to be an SEO pro *IF* you know how to prospect and sell. And if you do, there's a paradise of low hanging fruit begging to be plucked and ready to be savored!

Allow me to explain.

As you know, the news about Mobilegeddon went mainstream. I was recently in my brother's bar in Hawaii, (yes, my younger brother owns an oceanfront bar in Hawaii, how cool is that?), sitting next to a United Airlines pilot on layover and even HE knew all about Mobilegeddon.

So, what does that mean? ... ok, I'll tell you.

It means that anyone who can read pretty much knows that Google changed their algorithm on April 21st to favor mobile devices.

Mobilegeddon Articles

And now you can be sure that every business-site-owner knows failing to comply will result in a plunge in their mobile rankings!

'So what' you say? ...here's what: According to research firm SumAll,

67% of Fortune 100 companies are not yet mobile friendly

Seriously! ...67% !?!

If ever there was an OMG in SEO, this is it!

If ever there was a no-bullsh!t urgency factor for business Web site owners, this is seriously it!

And we, (that's you and me), both know that "Fortune 100" number is just the tip of the iceberg! The most conservative number I've read is that 40% of ALL companies with a Web presence are not yet mobile friendly compliant.

As of mid-2014, according to Quora.com...

"...there are 110,000 english-language ecommerce websites in the Alexa top 1m."

So 40% means th...