March 19th Digest - John Mueller's Hangouts - Search Central Office Hours
 by Stephen Mahaney

March 19th Digest
John Mueller's Hangouts — Search Central Office Hours

Pearl's of Wisdom and SEO Gems from John Mueller during the month of March 2021

These edited and digestible byte-sized notes will save you over 50 minutes of time wading through video of John struggling gallantly to sincerely answer the myriad questions presented in a variety of interesting accents from a world-wide audience with insatiable curiosities. Here's the digest version of the most useful gems and pearls in the order they appeared.

Office Hours · March 19th, 2021 · 57:49

Search Central Office Hours — March 19th, 2021 Run Time: 57:49 / Read Time: 7 minutes

  • Checking Search Results For Locations Outside your Region – There was a long discussion regarding How to access search results from a specific region or country if you are physically located somewhere else.

    Solutions were suggested that weren't actually solutions until John finally said to "use a local proxy" server. We would add a VPN (Virtual Private Network) as another, perhaps better option. Like a proxy, a VPN changes your IP address to wherever you are logging into but also encrypts your browsing activity making it harder for your ISP to (if you are in the U.S.) track and sell your browsing history. . You saved 16:16 – Link


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