It's Time to Focus Your Efforts on Collecting First Party Data
 by Stephen Mahaney

It's Time to Focus Your Efforts on Collecting First Party Data — by Stephen Mahaney

There's 3rd Party Data Confusion a paradigm shift underway. People are actually starting to care a LOT about their privacy and what companies are doing with their personal data.

In the beginning it was mostly 'I don't care, you can have my data' — but now it's more like...

'stop effing tracking me!'

This means that, if you've been profiting from access to 3rd party data, this shift in consumer empowerment is threatening to derail your gravy train.

If you think I'm exaggerating, here's what Wall Street thought of social media stocks when Facebook (ok, Meta), recently reported that Apple's upgraded privacy features would cost it $10 billion in lost sales this year.

Social Media Stock Price Drop

As the single-day precipitous drop in the chart above shows, when Facebook, uh, Meta sneezed, Twitter, Pinterest, & Snap all caught pneumonia.

In fact, since that fateful day back in April 2021 when Apple lowered the boom, $315 billion in market value has been erased from these 4 companies due to privacy changes that went into effect.

But wait, there's more!

Beyond Google's recent pivot from FLoC to