How to relocate a GMB attorney listing
 by Stephen Mahaney

How to relocate a GMB attorney listing

  • We have Attorney GMB a law firm client who recently added an attorney who previously had his own practice. The new attorney's Google My Business listing is still ranking reasonably well and we're wondering if there's a better option for improving the performance of our client's page outside of simply deleting the attorney's old GMB listing.

    What do you think would be the best way to handle this? Should we mark the newly-hired attorney's profile as a previous location? What are your thoughts?


You should claim the listing if it isn't already claimed. Once verified, update the address to the current address for that specific attorney's office – it's ok if they're the same address (firm + attorney)

Make sure the business name is just the attorney name, not any firm name (current or previous).

Update all the data in the listing to be current BUT DO NOT update the information immediately upon verification. Wait a week or so after verified because automatic suspensions are easily triggered for lawyers these days.

If it IS already verified, and just to be safe, wait a few days after you're added as a manager of that listing. Otherwise, too many changes at once can trigger a soft suspension in GMB these days.

And, make sure the category for the attorney is not the same primary category of the law firm because that might cause one of them to be filtered out.SEN article end



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