Guide to Infoseek's ESP Search Engine
 by Stephen Mahaney

Guide to Infoseek's "ESP" Search Engine

We had a gut feeling in the middle of May...later in the month and about a week into June we started collecting proof... Now we believe we understand very closely how Infoseek's Extra Search Precision "ESP" actually works -- especially in regards to single keyword searches.

The down side of what we have learned is that promoting a web site within Infoseek's new parameters requires a long, dedicated effort to achieve anywhere from mediocre to outstanding results.

On the up side, if you have other factors going for you -- such as a reasonably active site, some degree of link "popularity", or your are a reasonably well known company -- you may be able to score 100% in your chosen keyword category on Infoseek. This article, coupled with the Channel article (appearing in this issue), will likely give you the best ammunition found anywhere to beat your competition on Infoseek -- provided you are willing to put forth the effort... and provided that a "top listing" on Infoseek will translate into a "value" exceeding the effort required.

Some of what we are going to tell you is hypothetical, untested theories - we haven't yet tested everything so your mileage may vary. However, we are reporting what we know will help... alongside what we THINK will help. And we are sharing with you our own approach to getting pages listed on Infoseek. Keep in mind it's up to you if you want to experiment.

In any case, here's what we believe will best assist you in promoting your site on Infoseek's (and Disney's) new "Mickey Mouse" search engine.

First step... Start with Phase one - Submitting to the Infoseek Channels. That should be your first prior...