February 26th Digest - John Mueller's Hangouts - Search Central Office Hours
 by Stephen Mahaney

February 26th Digest
John Mueller's Hangouts — Search Central Office Hours

Pearl's of Wisdom and SEO Gems from John Mueller during the month of February 2021

These edited and digestible byte-sized notes will save you hours of time wading through video of John struggling gallantly to sincerely answer the myriad questions presented in a variety of interesting accents from a world-wide audience with insatiable curiosities. Here's the digest version of the most useful gems and pearls in the order in which they appeared.

Office Hours · February 26, 2021 · 59:10

Search Central Office Hours — February 26, 2021 Run Time: 59:10 / Read Time: 6 minutes

  • Collapsible FAQs Pages w Structured Data – On FAQ pages with structured data, specifically for rich results, make sure that the questions that you mark up are visible. It's fine if the answers are collapsed but "at least" the questions must be visible on your page when it initially loads. You saved 5:13 – Link

  • Most Important Pages Indicator – The internal linking within your site is a better indicator than your sitemap for telling Google which of your pages are the most important pages on your site.

    Google tends to start with the homepage and sees pages that are linked from the home page as being more important than pages which are, say, five or six clicks away from the home page. You saved 1:12 &...


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