10 Reputation Management Tips to Dominate Google Results!
 by Casey Markee

10 Reputation Management Tips to Dominate Google Results!

  • My company has a very unflattering RipoffReport search result that shows up on Google page one for our full business name. We want to remove it or at least get it pushed back to the second or third page of results. How can we do this?

wordpress groupAnswer: Unfortunately, Google takes a very hands-off approach to anything but the most EXTREME circumstances regarding the removal of content from their index. As they detail on their removal policies page, unless the page contains sensitive financial or personally identifiable information of a regulated nature, or the page contains certain offensive video or images, action won't be taken.

In the case of RipoffReport.com (ROR), and with similar sites like Scam Book or Complaints List, Google requires that consumers contact the site directly and work with Webmasters to expedite removals. Unfortunately, and specifically with ROR, unless you have a court order, you aren't going to have much luck with removal.

In fact, we have personally NEVER seen a ROR removed from search and it's worth noting that the law firm that defends ROR has (as of 11/14) never lost a case. And although ROR does now accept court orders from afflicted individuals or businesses, they have not yet needed to remove an entire page from their site.

So you likely aren't going to have much luck approaching the problem from that angle.

Now, that being said, ROR does offer what they call an arbitration process. Basically, it's your way of responding on the profile to the negative review and setting the record straight. This process is outlined in detail